3 Dive package

R 990

5 Dive package

R 1600


R 50

Cyliner Hire

R 60

Full Gear Hire

R 150 (Excl. Cylinder)

More than 5 dives

R 300 per dive

Reef Tax

R 100 Once per diver per week


R 50

Single Dive

R 350

Soft Gear

R 50 each per item per dive


R 50 per dive (No Charge International Guests)

We have an instructor on hand for those of you that would like to try scuba diving or would like to continue your diving education when you are with us. We also work closely with a number of dive schools in South Africa and Maputo, so if you would like to complete your dive course before getting to us and need us to connect you with a dive school / instructor, please ask

Advanced Padi Dive Course

This course enables you to do deeper dives, night dives, explore wrecks and opens up the world of specialty courses. Includes manual, lectures c-card and 5 sea dives but does not include gear hire. Take 4 days
R 3800 per person

Dive Master Padi Course

For those who wish to lead dives and perhaps use the qualification to work at dive centres around the world. Minimum of 40 dives required to do the course. Please allow 7 – 10 days for this course. 6 dives included.
R 9500 per person

For the Little Ones

Bubble Maker is an opportunity for children under 10 to experience scuba diving. Full equipment is included with a pool training session
R 750 per diver

Learn to Scuba Dive

We offer a Discover Scuba Course for those wanting to experience the underwater world for the first time. This course involves a pool session, basic orientation to the equipment and diving and a supervised sea dive. All equipment is included. From age 12
R 1200 per diver

Open Water Padi Scuba Course

Once completing this course you will be a certified scuba diver and able to dive up to 18m without professional supervision. This course includes manual, c-card (accepted worldwide), lectures, pools session, 4 sea dives, hire of all the gear you need. Takes 4 days but we prefer 5 days
R 3900 per person

Rescue Padi Dive Course

This course focuses on rescue skills from the beach as well as in the ocean. You will feel confident that you can handle most situations while diving. We consider this course to be really important to divers and highly recommend it. Course involves 2 dives. You will also need an EFR qualification that we can do on site for R1200. This includes Primary and Secondary care. Please allow at least 4 days to complete
R 4800 per person

Speciality Courses

Enriched Air (Nitrox) Course includes crew pack and certification
R 1800

Speciality Courses Other

Deep Night Wreck Digital Imaging Fish Identification All the above specialties include 3 dives, reef tax and certification
R 2500

3 sisters (24m)

One of the most popular dive sites due to its amazing high wall topography. Fish life such as the Long Nose Hawk fish ( unique to this site only ), Angler fish, Garden Eels, Crocodile fish, Egg shell shrimps and a massive resident Honeycomb Eel as well as many different types of Nudibranchs make this a great site for all types of photography.

Anchor (18-22m)

Stunning ledge with the Trumpet fish, Royal angelfish (unique to this site only) as well as the occasional sighting of the resident Grey reef shark plus an abundance of anenome’s makes this dive very special.

Atlantis (40 -46m)

A reef for the more experienced diver. Also known as Lego land for its big symmetrical rectangular blocks. Black coral, green coral tree, Spanish dancers, Sea Apples and of course different species of sharks namely Tiger, Hammerhead and Bull shark to name a few.

Blacks (18 m)

Cleaning station great for Macro Photography. Known for its abundance of Black Cheek eels, Pipe fish and Leaf fish.

Crèche (9 -12m)

The ideal first time sea divers treat for its depth and variety of juvenile and adult fish species. Renowned for its big Stone fish. Fantastic Photographic reef and a dive time of up to 75 minutes.

Doodles (15-18m)

World renowned site for its abundance of friendly Potato Bass giving the diver a wonderful experience up close and personal with them. Home to Manta, game fish and at least 8 different species of Rays, Ghost Pipe fish, Angler fish and Devil Fire fish. A highlight is the prolific shoals of Snapper and Dusky Sweepers. A must dive site for your log book.

Drop Zone (12-14m)

This site is renowned for its natural beauty of soft and hard corals and sponges, brilliant turtle life and its topography of gulley’s and ledges.

Kev’s Ledge and Rhianna’ arch (18-24m)

Beautiful swim through arch onto a 6 m ledge. Known for its Adult and Juvenile Ribbon Eels.

Other Dive Sites

Checkers (16m) Steve’s Ledge (12 -15m) Brent’s Ridge (36-52 m) Fingers (12 – 14m) Aquarium (24m) Shallow Malongane (12-14m) Wayne’s World (18-24m) Texas (9 -12m) Bass City (23 -30m) Tea Garden (18-20m) Fish Basket (14-18m) Playground (15-18m) Jagged Edge (12-16m) Steal (16 -20m) Bread loaf (10-15m) Mavericks (24 – 28m) Paradise ledge (9 – 18 m)

Pinnacles (30-35m)

World renowned shark diving site. Experience wild shark diving (no baited diving) and see up to 9 species of shark. Tiger, Bull, Black tip, Silver tip, Dusky, Spinners, Java, Leopard, Grey reef and of course the gracious Hammerheads! Divers report consistently 5 species of shark on each dive. Resident potato bass, Eagle and Devil Rays and the abundance of game fish make this site World class and an absolute must for your log book.

Steps (12-15m)

Brilliant drift dive on a 1.5 km's long reef with an amazing variety of caves, ledges and species of fish. Photographer’s paradise.